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Can SEO improve your sex life?

Friday, May 30th, 2008

There have been many claims about the benefits of SEO but a friend’s claim that you could use it to improve your love life was a new one by me. His master plan is to run a brand reputation management campaign in reverse against a certain well know fashion house. This should be enough in his mind to impress an activist he met while she was on a picket. He develops an online activism strategy and she will fall for him. Is he cunning like a fox or even more deluded than normal?


Google bombs are funny for a day or two and they also show that the perpetrators are intelligent. The main drawback with Google bombs is now people really type in miserable failure as a search? His idea is that you go for the brand term and rip their reputation to shreds on that. You use similar tactics to Google bombing but you also post a shed load of articles and reviews that are malicious to say the least.


Nobody worked out what the value of online sales is to this company or even considered what damaging their reputation could mean in financial terms to this company. He has not even worked out how much work is going to be involved. His main, alright only KPI was getting a date with this activist.


My first thought on the whole thing was negative, no offence to him but she is way out of his league. Second thought is that it is going to be interesting to see if how much damage he can do and how the company will respond. They spend a lot of money online but that is on fancy Flash designed sites and banner adverts on a few selected sites. If he is successful I don’t think they will have any quick responses to combat it available to them. If that is the case and it does enough damage will they bow to pressure? If he is successful should I step in and offer them a full social reputation management campaign? The most likely outcome is that like most other things he starts that the whole thing will never see fruition, likely because he meets another woman that he has a crush on.


Since I agree with their cause, the group’s website in case anybody is wondering is Edinburgh Fur Free City. I will post back next week if anyone knows if the tactic was successful, with the girl, the online activism will take a bit longer to work.