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Best link bait campaign?

Monday, June 30th, 2008

At the end of last week I went for linch with a couple of friends, all SEO’s with different companies.  We caught up on what each of had been up to in the last couple of weeks, we chatted about what the new season has in store for Hibs and then we talked about work.

One of the conservations was about what was the most successful piece of link baiting that we used as well as what the most innovative piece of link baiting that we had devised.

It was the third answer that got me. 

The answer – getting the site banned in Google. 

Apparently the amount of incoming links in discussion groups, news sites and blogs made it all very worthwile.

Not only did people link to the banned site but apparently competitors wanting to put the boot in linked to the SEO company site as well.

After a couple of days exchanging emails with Google the site was back in the index with a seriously increased link strength. The website of the company also enjoyed a serious boost in its rankings positions.

Did they set out with the plan to get the site banned? I never got straight answer.

The three of us wind each other up, do I think that he is winding me up this time? Strangely enough I dont.