Are Yahoo finally penalising paid links?

Am I the only one noticing major changes in how Yahoo is identifying and calculating sites incoming link strength? I know that Yahoo’s link strength information is not always the most reliable and can vary from hour to hour never mind day to day or week to week. This morning though I have noticed that many bought links, links in SEO friendly directory and ‘blog spam’ links appear to have disappeared from Yahoo.


I am not really concerned about the ethics or morality of buying links, right or wrong it goes on and for clients in certain sectors it is important part of an SEO campaign. What does fascinate me is the strategies and techniques that some link sellers and buyers using to disguise their involvement in the link trade. I love innovation and sadly I feel that too many in this industry are bereft of innovation, to many people are still operate as if they are painting by numbers.


Penalising paid links has forced a lot of people to finally innovate or at the minimum think about what they actually do to promote their clients sites. When all paid links are finally penalised I am looking forward to seeing the new techniques that emerge.


One of my colleagues has found that for some of his clients there link strengths appear to have almost doubled today.  Most likely I will return from the pub after lunch to see that the link strength for sites at Yahoo has returned to normal.