Changing Jobs

When I returned to Scotland one of the first things an employer asked me to do was to back them up in argument with the recruitment agency that I had gone through for the position. They were looking for ways to get out of paying the fee. They wanted to argue that the recruitment agency had not done enough to justify their fee. I actually thought sometimes the recruitment agency had done ‘a little too much work’, I was not convinced it needed that many phone calls and questions. My new boss did eventually back down and paid the fee is full. Older and wiser now I should have read his behaviour then as a warning sign, I know better now. There are still agencies that try to utilise the tactic.

I recently heard of a digital agency that had been contacting candidates direct after the initial interview. I wont name them, but the roles are still unfilled almost six months on. Ok, the company has a reputation as a place you would not want to work but falling out with all the local agencies will not have helped them.

I wonder how candidates would feel if the digital agency offered to split the recruitment agency fee with them, a kind of Bosman for the SEO world? It might tempt some I imagine.

I realise now several years on how important it is to have a good relationship with recruitment agencies. A lot of the best jobs go through agencies, can you see them putting forward someone who has stabbed them in the back on a previous occasion?

I have had some horror experiences with recruitment agencies. I could easily produce 50 blogs posts on one individual who I will not name who I am glad to say for everyone has moved out of the world of recruitment. Maybe one day I will write these articles and maybe even name them.

Credit where credit is due, I owe a big thanks to all at New Town Partnership, a new Edinburgh based executive recruitment search agency for my new job. I cannot sing their praises loudly enough. Good luck to everyone there and a big thank you from me for putting me a job that has given me back my passion for SEO and all things digital.

PS If you have not already worked it out, I have changed jobs

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